We want to be your ally in Human Resources

People ,
the best value of your organization.
In GOI we help enterprises being faster and more efficient. That is the reason why we are your best choice to search for the profile that best suites the job you have to cover.

In GOI we understand that each company, each moment and each necessity is different. That’s why we offer you a personalized service.

We want to be you ally when managing the human resources of your company; our experience is a guarantee for that. We are specialized in offering personalized help and support at the time of taking care of your most appreciated value: PEOPLE.

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It is time to grow
A person’s successful incorporation into an Organisation is mainly based on the correct definition of the required professional profile, bearing in mind factors such as the Company’s culture, organisational hierarchy, shareholding structure and geographical location.

All the information obtained is treated with the utmost confidentiality in order to arrive at the most suitable person-position ratio, using different methodologies, and guaranteeing this situation.

No less important than the previous point is the moment the person incorporates into the company and becomes part of the new business situation. To do so, it is crucial to choose the best external collaborators who are aware of the local and current business situation, and who are highly qualified and experienced.GOI will help you to integrate these people as quickly as possible, and to obtain the most qualitatively and quantitatively suitable staff.


Balance in the company
The Labour Relations area is a very delicate field and is specific and particular to each Company.

The task of achieving the essential balance between the different members of an Organisation requires tact, dedication and time. It is necessary to pay attention to delicate and sensitive relations in which proximity, daily routine and personalities can sometimes give rise to frustrating and futile confrontations.

GOI, hrough its ample professional experience in this area, based on the knowledge of Companies’ real situations, their economic environment and the existing collectives, offers you the possibility of objectifying and achieving that balance in your organisation. At GOI we manage issues such as the negotiation and application of Collective Agreements and/or the existing problems in the organisation’s daily life before the unions, until the desired objective is reached: a stable and secure work environment.


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All the services related to staff management in the organizations

GOI wants to offer you a complete service when planning and managing any aspect of the human resources. Being this like this, we offer you the next services so that you can have a complete development of your activities.

    • Career plans
    • Salary analysis
    • Development plans
    • Training plans
    • Competence evaluation tests